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We Make a Really Positive Difference Developing Children

At Robinwood, we use adventure and themed activities to deliver a residential stay like no other.

Learn more about what we believe is the best package offered in the industry and why you should join our award-winning team.

Reasons to Work at Robinwood


1. Best Pay - We reward the valuable work our staff do. How? By being an honest and transparent living wage employer.

We offer all our staff, regardless of age, a real living wage. Everyone contributes equally towards the success of our courses, and therefore, we do not discriminate based on age or offer apprenticeship schemes. Our starting pay for 2024 is £12 per hour (£22,464 per annum*) and £12.40 at Barhaugh Hall (23,213 per annum*).

Making a commitment to our staff by being a Living Wage Employer is something we feel passionate about. The whole team do an incredible job developing children and deserves the fairest pair possible.

We also believe the increased cost of living shouldn’t impact you doing a job you love. Providing industry-leading pay is one of the many benefits we have to enable our Group Leaders to do a job that they really want to do.

*based on 36 hour per week contracts.


2. Best Benefits - We make life a little easier for our team. How? With a unique set of benefits that everyone can access.

Free meals, a house purchase assistance scheme, paid-for qualifications, profit-related bonuses, pensions, uniform and staff discounts are just some of the amazing benefits that we provide to all staff at Robinwood.

For staff joining us at our Barhaugh Hall centre in Alston, we offer a relocation allowance of £1500 to help our staff get set up there due to the rural location of this site.

We give our team a profit bonus each year, which amounted to an average of just over £1,000 each in 2023, based on the profit we achieved in 2022.


3. Best Training - We prioritise your development from the very beginning. How? With paid-for, relevant training.

You do not need any prior qualifications to become a Group Leader although we ideally look for people with previous experience working with children. Our values-based appointment process means you have what it takes to be a great Robinwood Group Leader, we’ll teach you the rest!

At Robinwood, you can expand your skill set by obtaining paid-for nationally recognised qualifications in archery, paddle sports, and climbing, among other areas. These qualifications may be necessary if you want to advance into more specialised positions with us.


4. Best Wellbeing - We deliver the very best support to the very best staff. How? With our award-winning staff provision.

We take the wellbeing of our staff team seriously. We strive to make a difference to our team by making sure they feel listened to, supported and have a workload that works.

Through a consultation with the staff at the centres, we found out the things that make a difference to them at work.

We have pledged a Wellbeing Commitment that covers 12 key areas. These include timetable shift patterns, at least two consecutive days off a week, line manager support, holidays and communication.

Once you start, you will have regular contact with your Line Manager. They will be a key person in your career with us. Their primary focus is to create a positive workplace for you. They will observe your activity sessions, provide you with supportive feedback and help you work towards your goals, and are on hand for you to talk to if you need other support.


5. Best Lifestyle - We get the work-life balance just right. How? With 12 weeks holiday a year and fixed timetables.

One of the things that makes us stand out in this industry is that we only offer permanent year-round contracts. We balance your hours across the year meaning that you get paid every month, even when we’re on holiday.

It is important to us that, where possible, your timetable supports your hobbies and commitments outside of Robinwood. To do this we will offer you a fixed timetable with the same days off each week and twelve weeks' holiday a year.

Great teamwork is key at Robinwood; therefore, we jump at any opportunity to put on team building and social activities. Each centre has a team of staff who organise regular social events and a team dedicated to boosting everyone’s well-being.


 6. Best Team - We build fun and supportive teams. How? With our values-based recruitment process.

For many people who work with us, the friends they have made here are a headline reason why they love the job so much.

Everyone at Robinwood starts as a Group Leader and is appointed based on their values. One of the fantastic benefits of this is that our staff are always around like-minded people.

Outdoor sports, bushcraft, board games, you name it, someone will be interested in it too. Our staff team come from so many different backgrounds that you will be sure of finding some common ground. This creates a welcoming, understanding and fun staff team that we are sure you will love being part of.