About Us


Our employment ethos

Our fundamental objective is to operate as sustainably as possible. This means both environmentally and from an employment perspective: we are creating roles that are sustainable on a year round basis without any seasonal burnout and that allow people to have a good work life balance.

We work hard to ensure that AliKats is a lovely company to work for where people are treated respectfully and are appreciated equally regardless of what position they are in. There is a strong focus on being organized and communicating well and we make every effort to ensure that our employees have everything they need to do their jobs well and without unnecessary stress. Schedules are communicated with as much notice as possible and everyone works as a team to get the tasks completed.

We provide comprehensive training, fair compensation and motivate the team with regular rewards such as group activities and nights out.

This approach has served us well and we have a high number of employees who have continued working for us for many years. It is our aim to build a strong core team of people employed on a year round basis that is then supplemented by new talent during peak seasons.

What we can offer

· A supportive and respectful working environment

· Comprehensive training

· All necessary equipment required to do the job efficiently

· Clear communication and structure from an organized and effective management team.

· Fair compensation in the form of employment packages that allow employees to enjoy a good quality of life in the local area.

· Transparent employment contracts and prompt payment at the end of each month

· A comfortable and affordable place to live in convenient location.

· A good standard of accommodation in our staff chalet in Montriond if needed. We understand how difficult and expensive it is to find accommodation in Morzine and the surrounding areas so have taken steps to ensure our employees have a nice comfortable place to live while working for us.

· The opportunity for promotion and progression within the team with regular pay rises offered to loyal long term employees.

· A valuable addition to your CV along with strong letters of recommendation for any high performing employees when they are looking to move on and work elsewhere after the season has finished.